Make email testing easier with our GDPR compliant mailcatcher

Stop hurting your SPAM Score by sending real emails when testing.
Pacomail assists you throughout the creation of your transactional emails.


Mailcatcher eco-designed

A tool developed with a responsible design approach

Hosted on French servers

Data hosted on French servers with a reduced ecological footprint

GDPR compliant

In compliance with digital ethics and accessible to all users

Get your SPAM Score under control thanks to Pacomail

Sending test emails with poor quality content or to fake email addresses hurts the SPAM score of your domain. Run your tests on Pacomail and control your SPAM score.
Have a look at all the features available on Pacomail.

Centralize your testing environments

From your dev to pre-production environments, organize your mailboxes in Pacomail. Check the content of your emails (links, dynamic variables, images).

Make sure your emails are sent correctly

After connecting Pacomail to your application, send emails the same way you do in your live environment. Perform load testing.

Check your emails with your collaborators in one place

From the developer to the product manager, facilitate the testing process by gathering your teams on projects and mailboxes.
Invite external collaborators or forward your emails.

Fix integration errors with the live coding editor

Once you have opened your email, use the tools specifically developed for email integration: table display, Focus mode.

Analyze the HTML content of your emails

The Debug mode analyzes the compatibility of your HTML code on different mail clients. Apply the suggested quick fixes to improve it.

Stop sending emails to the wrong recipients during your tests

Don’t be like Julien,
stop making mistakes

Save your communication teams from managing a disaster!

Set up Pacomail in less than 5 minutes

Pacomail is compatible with all applications and frameworks that use the SMTP protocol.

  1. Choose the programming language you use and copy the corresponding SMTP configuration.
  2. Paste the code in
    your project
  3. Send an email and find it in your Pacomail mailbox!

Make transactional mail testing
a team sport

Make your test chain smoother, working hand in hand with your collaborators on Pacomail.

Back-end developers

Make sure your emails are sent with the right information during development and on test environments.

Make sure the replacement variables are displayed correctly.

Front-end developers

Integrate your emails with a code editor made specifically for emailing.

Debug in live coding with a smart inspector.
Apply directly the best practices in your code.


Test securely sending emails on your staging and pre-production environments.

Preview the email with different screen sizes and check that the links and images work properly.


Preview the rendering of your email campaigns in a mailbox just like in real conditions.

Guarantee a perfect display for the highest open rate.

Frequently asked questions

Does Pacomail send real emails?

Pacomail is a testing tool and is not intended to send emails to real addresses. However you can send your test emails to a real mailbox (Gmail, Outlook etc.) for testing purposes.

Can I invite collaborators only on one mailbox?

Absolutely! You can manage your team either on an organization-wide scale, in which case they will have access to all your projects and the corresponding mailboxes, or on a single mailbox only. These guests will always be invited as members and will only have access to the mailbox they were invited to.

Can I send a test email to Pacomail from my Gmail?

No, Pacomail is an environment to test sending mail from an external application, it is not a real email client. The mailbox you use is only connected to your application, it does not receive any external email.

What is the best pricing plan for me?

The free plan is best for a person without a team or for a small business that would like to test Pacomail before switching to a more adapted plan.

The business plan is interesting for large companies or organizations that send or test a very large amount of emails.

Can I stop my subscription when I want?

Yes, you can cancel your plan in your payment settings at any time. If your subscription is terminated before the end of the subscription period, you will receive a prorated refund.

I am a public institution or service, can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, absolutely! We know that billing processes can be complicated as a public service, contact us at and we’ll manage the invoice/order form ping pong together.

Ready to become the superhero
transactional mail?

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