Our mission

Discover an easy-to-use tool that helps you developping and testing emails.

Here at Pacomail, we are very much aware that the development or testing of transactional emails is very specific and demanding. To save you countless trips back and forth between your development environment and your mailbox, we have developed PACO [Piège à courriels] – mail, in the jargon unmailcatcher.

Pacomail helps you all along the conception of your emails by suggesting you the best practices and the steps to take to ensure a perfect email!

Easy to learn and even easier to setup in your app, Pacomail is meant for development teams of any maturity.

The observation

Forgotten mailboxes, emails never deleted

The observation we made is that to test his mail, a developer sends it to his mailbox to check the display, the links etc., as many times as necessary to obtain a perfect mail.

Then, for the more conscientious, you have to install a different mail client from the one you are using and see if the mail is well supported (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.) and this, on as many mail clients as there are… You can easily imagine the number of useless mails sent, stored and never deleted, as well as the number of back and forth between the code and the mail clients for the developers The carbon footprint is significant.

We would like developers to stop sending real emails as tests.

By stopping sending real emails in test environments, no more traffic is generated, emails do not pass through several servers or services to reach the final mailbox and in fact, the carbon footprint is reduced.

Using Pacomail means reducing the path of test emails and therefore the associated carbon output.

Our beliefs

Digital sovereignty and GDPR compliant

As software developers, we are frustrated to see that there are very few privacy-friendly tools and even fewer sovereign tools. For this reason, Pacomail undertakes to store data on Scaleway, French servers and to favour, where possible, French third-party tools that comply with the RGPD and the recommendations of the CNIL.

Digital ecology

Pacomail has been designed with a responsible digital service approach (eco-designed).

This eco-design is achieved through an analytic approach at each stage of the life cycle of our software, in order to reduce as much as possible the amount of computer resources consumed.

In this respect, we have selected a hosting service with a strong environmental policy. We use Scaleway, an energy-efficient and eco-friendly data center.

The concepts of accessibility and ethics included in the idea of eco-design are also important to us, which is why we do our best to build an ergonomic and easy-to-use tool.

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