Pacomail, the first GRPD compliant eco-designed mailcatcher

Pacomail, the first GRPD compliant eco-designed mailcatcher

Why use a mailcatcher?

Reduce the workload of your developers

In order to test the elements of an email, developers are forced to send their test emails to their mailboxes, as many times as they make changes, in order to get the perfect email. For the most conscientious, it is then advisable to install another mail client, in order to test the HTML/CSS compatibility of the mail on all the mail clients, namely Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook…

One can easily imagine the number of emails sent, stored and never deleted, as well as the number of back and forth between the code and the email clients for the developer.

Limit the impact of digital pollution

Find out some figures on the significant weight that emails represent for digital pollution:

  • Discover some figures on the significant weight that emails represent for digital pollution Worldwide: 293 billion emails sent in 2019 (excluding spam)
  • Forecast for 2022: 347 billion emails sent (Radicati Group, February 2019)
  • In France: 1.4 billion emails sent (excluding spam)
  • CO2 footprint: a company of 100 people generates 13.6 tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year from its emails alone, the equivalent of 14 round trips between Paris and New York (ADEME)

In order to limit these mass test mailings, there are tools called Mails Catchers. These are catch boxes that allow you to simulate sending emails, without actually sending them.

Discover the mailcatcher that will simplify your transactional mailings

Much more than a mailcatcher, Pacomail is a real assistant that guides you step by step, to help you implement best practices in the development of your transactional emails.

Designed to adapt to development teams of any maturity, it allows you to streamline the test chain, working hand in hand with all your collaborators.

Reduce friction

By embedding a browser-like inspector with previews next to the code, our mailcatcher makes it possible to edit your email live after sending the test. The inspector’s Live Coding means you never have to go back and forth between the code and the mail client again. Designed by developers, for developers, Pacomail aims to reduce the friction of their work by removing the negative and time consuming aspects.

Simplify corrections

The best practices for ensuring the HTML compatibility of an email are very specific, restrictive and above all scattered on the web, in blogs, infographics or more or less up-to-date guides. This is why we have designed Pacomail to be a real assistant that centralizes all the best practices and guides you step by step in the design of your emails.

Thanks to its Debug Mode, make sure before sending that your emails follow all the best practices directly from your tool.

An eco-responsible mailcatcher compliant with the GRPD

Choose an eco-designed tool

The reality of the climate emergency must also impact on our digital practices. This is why Pacomail has been created with a view to responsible design of digital or eco-designed services.

Eco-design comprises 3 main principles:

  • reducing the digital carbon footprint
  • accessibility
  • ethics, i.e. the protection of user data, hence Pacomail’s strong interest in digital sovereignty

Opt for a mailcatcher in line with ecological reality

This eco-design translates into a process of analysis at each stage of the life cycle of our software, including functional, graphic, ergonomic and technical design, in order to reduce as much as possible the quantity of computer resources used for a given functionality.

In this respect, we have selected a hosting service with a strong environmental policy. We use Scaleway, an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly data centre.

Adopt new digital practices that are good for the planet

Pacomail’s ambition is to raise awareness and sustainably transform the practices of software developers who have little or no awareness of the environmental challenges of digital technology. This change is based on two axes:

  • Change usage in a sustainable way by making developers aware of the need to test less in real conditions. Many functional tests do not need to be performed on a replica of production behaviour, which is usually sized to accommodate a lot of traffic. By using specific tools when relevant, less strain is put on the servers and fewer network exchanges are made. As a result, the carbon footprint associated with these tests is reduced.

Choose a sovereign tool that complies with the GRPD and the recommendations of the CNIL

Pacomail stores your data in compliance with the recommendations of the CNIL and the RGPD. Our servers are in France. Whether it is health data, sensitive data or other data, we strive to respect our users’ data: your e-mails remain in your hands and will never be communicated to a third party. Don’t wait any longer to try it, we offer you a 15 day trial!

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