Pacomail mailbox with its fake SMTP server

Set up your emails safely, without the risk of spamming your real users

The fake Pacomail SMTP server does not connect to mail servers and captures all emails in a virtual inbox. There is no risk of accidentally sending an email or emails to your customers.

Have a smooth and effortless experience

Clear and fluid UI

Have a smooth and effortless browsing experience: the captured emails arrive in a classic mailbox like the ones you use everyday.

Project organization by mailbox

Create individual inboxes for each test environment, group them according to your needs and share them with your collaborators.

Load test

Send your emails in bulk to ensure that everything works.

Compatible with any external applications

Connect Pacomail with any of your external tools or applications that support the SMTP protocol.

SMTP setup in Pacomail

Set up Pacomail
in less than 5 minutes

Pacomail is compatible with all applications and frameworks that use the SMTP protocol.

  1. Choose the programming language you use and copy the corresponding SMTP configuration.
  2. Paste the code in your project
  3. Send an email and find it in your Pacomail mailbox!

Email encryption


Pacomail allows you to send emails whose content is encrypted using the TLS security protocol.

Metadata and SMTP header

Check the consistency of the information between the SMTP protocol metadata and the data in the headers of your emails (from, to, cc, bcc etc.)

In addition to the metadata, preview your email in HTML or raw versions.

Catch your emails before sending them

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